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Avoid These Mistakes When Selling Your House

Avoid These Mistakes When Selling Your House

Whether you are relocating for work or need an upgrade for a growing family, selling your home often comes with a wave of emotion. With packing and moving on your mind, stressing about selling your home is the last thing you should be worried about. The award-winning agents at Choice Properties are here to help make the process smooth and worry-free. However, there are a few key points to keep in mind when making this transition! Avoid these mistakes when selling your house to make the move easier.

Staying Emotionally Attached

When owning a home for the past few (or many) years, it's natural to form an attachment to a place you have nested and created memories with loved ones. Once you decide to sell, you will have to learn to detach and think objectively about your home's strengths and weaknesses.

Not Making Repairs

It's no secret that most homes need some maintenance or repairs. Most buyers are not interested in purchasing a home that comes with a list of updates. If your cooling/heating system is broken or the roof is missing some shingles, consider repairing these issues before listing your home on the market. Expensive repairs may be deal breakers for buyers but updating small stuff, like a broken door knob or leaking faucet, will leave a positive impression.

Not Staging Your Home

Staging your home is perhaps the most important step when selling. This gives buyers an opportunity to envision themselves in the space, increasing the likelihood of them making an offer. After you've thoroughly cleaned and decluttered, consider whether your furniture arrangements show your home at its best. If your rooms feel crowded, consider donating, selling, or giving away some items, or put them in storage.

Neglecting Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything when listing your home on the selling market. Landscaping and gardening should not be neglected during this time. Make sure the lawn is properly mowed, and even plant some flower to bring color and life to the area. Consider adding a new wreath or doormat to the front porch so buyers feel welcomed and relaxed.

Choice Properties offers you a chance to find the home of your dreams. We work with your budget and ideas in mind to support your ultimate vision. Call us if you are ready to check out the available inventory or to speak with a reputable agent who can assist you with your home buying needs.


4 Reasons You Should Buy a New Home this Fall

4 Reasons You Should Buy a New Home this Fall

Fall is beautiful season for many reasons, from orange and yellow hues on the trees, to pumpkin carving with kids and savory comfort soups on the stove. There are many reasons to fall in love with fall, but did you know it is also the perfect season to buy a new home? Similar to how you score deals at your favorite clothing store during the season change, real estate works the same way! Fall is one of our favorite seasons here at Choice Properties because of those who are taking advantage of the peak season. Our expert agents have listed the top 4 reasons you should buy a new home this fall!

Inventory from Spring

Those who are looking to sell their home tend to do so at the first sign of spring, assuming the fresh greenery and flowers blooming will appeal buyers. Although there is never a bad time to sell, these homes often get listed too high resulting them sit on the market throughout the summer. If the house is still on the market come fall, the price usually gets reduced making it a prime time. This is the perfect time to browse properties you have had your eye on to see if they are still available and if the price is down.

Less Competition

Most families with children start their home-hunt at the beginning of summer, allowing them to move right before the new school year. This also means these buyers are no longer shopping for a house, creating a decrease in the competition. Take advantage of open houses being less crowded, leaving conversations with a good first impression expressing interest.

Sellers are Motivated

With winter and the end of the year approaching, sellers are more motivated to get their homes sold in order to close before the end of the year. When selling before December 31st, they are ensured a tax benefit. Most sellers are also looking to close before holiday's, eliminating the stress and thought to enjoy time with family. If you come across a seller who seems eager to get the process moving, take advantage!

Lack of Landscaping

With the trees losing leaves and summer flowers dying, landscaping may seem unappealing to multiple buyers making them uninterested in the space. Keep an open mind and use this as a motivator to think creative.

There is a great deal of benefit from those who decide to buy a new home during the fall months. If you decide to hold-off on shopping around until fall, you will be grateful to see an open market with reduced pricing and less competition.

Choice Properties understands your needs and desires when it comes to the home search. We are here to help you define what you want, seek the best property and move forward feeling educated and able to make good decisions throughout the process. You can trust us to help you navigate it with the best real estate agents working for you. Call us to get started on your dream home search today.


How Do I Determine My Home's Value?

How Do I Determine My Home's Value?

When going through the process of buying or selling a home, you may be wondering how to find the value of the home. The first step selling a home is determining an appraisal. Although many are familiar with the meaning of appraising a house, new home buyers are worth noting the steps and explanations behind the concept. Some may find frustration when appraising a home, due to the ever-changing process because of new Federal Guidelines. When buying or selling through Choice Properties, it is our priority to ensure the buying/selling process is smooth, free of frustration. If you find yourself asking, "How do I determine my home's value?", here is what you should know.  

Appraisals Take Longer

Unfortunately, appraisals take longer than what they used to, meaning the process now takes a couple weeks rather than a few days. It used to start with mortgage brokers who would then hire their own appraisers to determine the value of a house. Following the financial crisis, the federal government decided the arrangement was not the most efficient. Issues between appraisers and sellers disagreeing on pricing made it so appraisers weren't getting hired, therefore determining the Home Valuation Code of Conduct, which are a set of rules that strictly determine how appraisals should be made.

Cost of Appraisals

Not only do appraisals take longer than they used to, they also cost more. The cost of appraisals have gone up a couple hundred dollars, and are leaving sellers with an overwhelming amount of frustration. Those within the industry have mentioned the new crop of appraisers are inexperienced and unfamiliar with the selling market. The appraisal management companies will send appraisers anywhere from 50-100 miles away from the property, leaving them clueless on market trends.

Get Engaged in the Process

We recommend involving yourself in the appraisal process rather. Making it clear that you are interested in every step, and that you are willing to answer any questions while the appraiser is walking through the house. Clearing up mishaps, such as mistaking a countertop for laminate rather than granite, will definitely pay off in the long run. Afterall, your home deserves to be sold at the highest value possible.

Choice Properties understands your needs and desires when it comes to the home search. We are here to help you define what you want, seek the best property and move forward feeling educated and able to make good decisions throughout the process. You can trust us to help you navigate it with the best real estate agents working for you. Call us to get started on your dream home search today.


5 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

5 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

Whether you are buying or selling a home, it is definitely a journey that brings exciting challenges. Although one may feel it is not necessary to hire a real estate agent with the internet at our fingertips, a professional guide will help guide you on the path towards your ultimate goal. The award winning realtors at Choice Properties make it their mission to go beyond your expectations, making the home selling process a stress-free experience. We have listed 5 reasons to hire a real estate agent to sell your home, eliminating unwanted stress and worry.

Correctly Price Your Home

Experienced agents know every little detail of your local home-selling market, allowing them to correctly price the home. Pricing your home too high adds a risk of no bids meaning your home will sit on the market for a long period of time, whereas pricing too low puts you at risk for losing money. An experienced Indian Lake real estate agent will assure your home is priced accordingly for the Logan County market, helping you sell in a faster time frame.

Negotiating the Final Steps

Negotiations can be stressful and you do not want to go blindfolded into a market you don't fully understand. Selling your home is a huge business transaction and should be handled by a professional seller. The selling process has three negotiations: the initial offer, the counter offer, and the post-offer with inspection. Being unfamiliar with how to negotiate these steps may potentially cause you to lose the offer, having to start over with a new buyer. At Choice Properties, we want to see you sell your home in the most profitable way, so we ensure the negotiation is handled properly.

Home Exposure and Marketing

Not only does a realtor put your house up for sale, they also handle all the marketing involved. You want your home to gain maximum exposure to the greatest number of potential buyers, which is part of your realtor's duties. A devoted realtor will go above and beyond, marketing your house the best way possible. This goes with posting online listings, hosting open houses, and networking with other agents who have similar buyers.

The Buyer's Agents Prefer to Work With a Seller Agent

Most home buyers are represented by a local agent, who prefer to work with a seller agent during the home buying process, rather than with the seller directly. If you are a For Sale By Owner listing, that can push away agents who are seeking to work with another real estate professional. Avoid losing potential buyers by working with an expert realtor.

Stay on Track

Licensed realtors know each step involved in the home-selling process, making it easy to stay on track. They have the experience needed to work through the sales process efficiently, know when there are financial issues, and are knowledgeable on how to deal with negotiating.

If you are ready to list your home, it's important to remember the benefits an expert realtor can offer. Going through the process alone can feel overwhelming, not knowing which step is next or how to handle little details. At Choice Properties, our award-winning agents are eager to assist your home selling journey.

Choice Properties understands your needs and desires when it comes to the home search. We are here to help you define what you want, seek the best property and move forward feeling educated and able to make good decisions throughout the process. You can trust us to help you navigate it with the best real estate agents working for you. Call us to get started on your dream home search today.


Real Estate Seller's Survival Guide ; A 5 Step Checklist

Real Estate Seller's Survival Guide ; A 5 Step Checklist

As a homeowner, coming to the decision to sell your home brings a wave of emotions and stressors making the process feel overwhelming. You will learn to cherish your memories spent as you prepare to take the next adventure in life, giving your family the chance to make new, enjoyable moments. Don't let the anxiety of selling your home take away from the excitement! We have created a real estate seller's survival guide ; a 5 step checklist to help ease the stress.

Define Goals

Creating a defined list of goals will gauge your need to sell. Weighing the pros and cons of selling your house is a great way to show the advantages or disadvantages of selling your home in this moment. When doing this, make note of the length of time you are able to have your house on the market. Defining your goals will determine your readiness, and will create milestones for you to proudly accomplish.

Calculate Selling Expenses

Selling a home comes with updating spaces, making small renovations, and preparing the house for viewings. You want to show the buyer a clean, updated home that is suitable for their lifestyle. Calculating your expenses allows you to see what projects you can afford, potentially increasing the value of your home.

Create a Strategy

Upon defining your goals, it is time to create a strategy. How fast do you need to sell your house and what price are you seeking? Do you have a trusted real estate agent? Having a real estate agent to help you through the process will ease a tremendous amount of confusion and stress. While creating your strategy, it is important to compare your home in the market around you to grasp an idea of comparable listings.

Determine Market Value

Comparing listings while creating a strategy prepares you for setting a realistic value on your home. Your agent will also compare in the area, ensuring your home is on the market at the best price. If you have renovated additional space or even small updates to the bathroom or kitchen, the value of your home will increase. Little changes, such as updating hardware or fresh paint, are an easy way to increase the desire of the space.

Stage Your Home

Decluttering and getting rid of unnecessary items is a great start to preparing your home for a showing. The first impression home buyers create is impactive, therefore it is important to be sure it's bold. Simple tasks such as having a clean, fresh-cut lawn will draw in a buyer's attention. When a buyer is interested, keep in mind the value of your home rather than accepting the first bid. Know the worth of your house but remember to be realistic with the pricing.

Having a positive mindset is the first step to ensuring a smooth home selling process. When selecting an award-winning agent, your home is bound to sell holding it's true value in a timely manner. Don't let the stress keep you from enjoying the future!


Choice Properties understands your needs and desires when it comes to the home search. We are here to help you define what you want, seek the best property and move forward feeling educated and able to make good decisions throughout the process. You can trust us to help you navigate it with the best real estate agents working for you. Call us to get started on your home selling process today.


Do I Need a Realtor for Buying Waterfront Homes for Sale in Ohio?

Buying a Waterfront Home in Ohio

Do I Need a Realtor for Buying Waterfront Homes for Sale in Ohio?

It's easier than ever to search for homes online and follow market alerts for new inventory. You might have asked yourself the question, do I need a realtor? There are many benefits to using a realtor, such as Choice Properties, especially when it comes to navigating and buying waterfront homes for sale in Ohio. Market insights, local expertise and negotiation advice are just some of the advantages.

Market Knowledge

Buying a waterfront home isn't like buying homes in the city or country away from water. A good real estate agent will have spent hours touring waterfront homes for sale in Ohio, every week, which means they know what the actual value of the property is, and not just what its listed for. They will have market knowledge and in depth insights and are the best people to help you find the home that fits your budget.

Access To New Property

While it's true that you can find pretty much any home listed for sale online, you won't have the same access to listings that will be coming on the market in the near future. When you work with a realtor for the purpose of finding waterfront homes for sale in Ohio, you will benefit from their network of agents who work across the state, and keep each other updated on what's likely to arrive on to the market, thus multiplying your choices. This can be a major advantage, allowing you to get your bid in early.


Waterfront homes for sale in Ohio are in great demand and short supply. Any waterfront property is likely to have multiple offers. Many of these potential buyers however, will not have local realtors to help them. With the market knowledge they possess, not to mention intel on actual sales numbers locally, a realtor can help you determine how much to bid, so that you win the sale.

Hidden Details

Every property comes with some hidden details and flaws that you won't know anything about. It's easy to spot cracks in the foundation or a sagging roof, but how about the dozens of little details that a buyer wouldn't even think to look for? This is where a local realtor will be really useful, if you ever doubt that you need one. In fact, while you're asking, do I need a realtor, you might also ask yourself what you know about sump pumps and plumbing, water damage, wiring and electrical issues, zoning laws, etc. The answer is likely to be little to nothing.

Ultimately, the benefits of hiring a realtor, when you're looking at buying waterfront homes for sale in Ohio, can far outweigh any costs you end up paying them. Pay us a visit at Choice Properties. Let us show you why working with us will give you an advantage.

Buying a waterfront home in Ohio can feel like a stressful process. Contact Choice Properties to find out how our expert realtors can assist you in finding the right home.


Sorting through the Lake Cabins for Sale in Ohio

lake cabins for sale in Ohio

Sorting through the Lake Cabins for Sale in Ohio

Ohio has some truly beautiful lakes, both natural and man made, that people come from miles away to view and enjoy. One of the must-see lakeside areas is Indian Lake right here in beautiful Logan County. If you've ever dreamed of living by the water, there are plenty of lake cabins for sale in Ohio. There are a lot of benefits to living on waterfront property, from the never-ending vacation to the gorgeous view. Learn how you can find the best lake cabins for sale in Ohio and move into your dream home!

When you look at lake cabins for sale in Ohio, you will see how much privacy they afford you. And there's a ton of water activities that you can do like boating, kayaking and fishing. Lake cabins aren't easy to come by, and they are in short supply. So when you do find a few options, how do you sort through them?

It goes without saying that you should carefully and comprehensively inspect the lake front property that you're considering. Water is great to live next to, but not great if it gets into your home. An expert inspection can help you understand whether you might have water intruding into the basement, or mildew and mold issues due to high moisture levels in the air.

Lake cabins for sale in Ohio are great, but not all waterfront property is the same. As you tour the available lake cabins along the coastline of Indian Lake with one of our award-winning Ohio real estate agents, consider the kind of privacy and lakefront experience your family wants. Many lake cabins for sale around Indian Lake offer lake access and proximity to fishing and swimming areas. Consider the proximity of neighbors if you're concerned about privacy.

Waterfront property in Logan County doesn't stay on the market long so speak with one of our agents about getting notified when desirable new properties become available. This allows you to keep an eye on the market to get the best lake cabins and waterfront homes in the area before others scoop them up.

Finally, it is always a good idea to check insurance requirements. A waterfront property will likely have an increased risk of flood damage. Regular insurance doesn't cover flood, and you will have to buy it separately, and the cost could be prohibitive for some homeowners. Knowing the costs of extras up front will help you decide whether you really want the property to begin with. Let's be honest though, who wouldn't want to live along Indian Lake, especially during the summer months when so many people flock to the are for boating, fishing, and lakeside parties. 

For many home buyers, owning a house by the lake is a dream come true. It is achievable for you and your family with help from expert realtors in the Indian Lake area who know where to find the best lakeside cabins and homes. With some careful planning you will be able to find the right lake side property and get moved into your dream home!

Choice Properties Real Estate Agents know more about lake cabins for sale in Ohio than anyone in the region.

Call us today to find out what exciting new properties are available for you and your family!


How to Evaluate Homes for Sale in Indian Lake Ohio

homes for sale in Indian Lake Ohio

So you're checking out homes for sale in Indian Lake Ohio. You've been given some great leads and the agent explains that time is of the essence. What do you do now? Of course you go take a look at the home, take a few notes, and decide that you have enough information to make your home buying decision. However, there are a few other considerations to factor in before you make a decision. If you buy a property without doing a thorough inspection, you'll be discovering problems after the sale is done. And that is a scenario you want to avoid. Here are ways to properly evaluate a potential home for your family right here in the beautiful Indian Lake, Ohio area!


Start Outside

Pause a minute before you go indoors. The exterior of a property hides thousands of dollars of value. A good place to start is with the most expensive exterior upgrades, like the roof. Roofs come at a substantial cost and many homeowners do not replace them until absolutely necessary. Even just looking at the roof should give you an idea of its age and condition. Will you need to put in a new roof when you buy, and if so do you have the budget for it?

Walking the entire exterior is also a good idea, as you may be able to see if there are any cracks or shifts in the foundation, a major issue in itself. Check out the basement or a crawl space. Look closely at the siding or the paint. Does the house need a new paint job or new siding? You may decide against the home without ever going inside just based on the condition of the exterior elements. The property should be well kept and something you will want to maintain for the next ten years.


Step Inside

Most homes for sale in Indian Lake Ohio are staged these days, so it can be easy get dazzled by the furniture displays and interior concepts but fail to notice anything that should be a red flag. So ignore the bells and whistles for a moment, and focus on some essentials; like the windows. New windows are a great value to any home and if the windows in your prospective home are in good condition, that's a clear sign that the previous owner took home insulation and energy costs seriously. Next look at other big ticket items like the furnace, water heater, septic tank, and the electricals. Old electrical wiring will need replacing and that can run into a lot of money.  These things are the nuts and bolts of a home and should be in good condition if you're going to assume responsibility for them. 

A home's value is not always on the function, however. When evaluating homes for sale in Indian Lake Ohio, consider the spaciousness of the family room and the proximity of the bedrooms to one another. Learning how your family will live in the home and utilize the space can give you a complete perspective on the home's value to you and your family in the long run. There are many homes for sale in Indian Lake, Ohio, and you want to get the best one for your family.



The big selling points in homes are usually the kitchen and bathrooms. It's not enough for them to be in good working order, as you need to take interior upgrades into account. What sort of appliances come with the purchase? Do the cabinets stand out? Is the backsplash recent? Ask relevant questions to find out how much work you'll need to put into the house once it's yours. This goes for the bathrooms to. Inspect the flooring and the shower, and pay attention to drainage. These are little things that can add to your budget if water leaks go unnoticed for a long time. There are ways to save, but savings cannot come at the expense of the kitchen or bathrooms.  

You will find many great homes for sale in Indian Lakes, Ohio, but you may have only one opportunity to inspect a new property. This is why it is important to go prepared, take as many notes as possible and even pictures if the owners allow it. Checklists are readily available and should be taken with you each time to go to see a new property. Finally, you can run your notes by an experienced contractor to get an estimate of what renovations will cost you. At the end of the day, the better organized you are, the easier it will be to pick the right home for you.

For more information about homes for sale in Indian Lake Ohio,
contact the real estate agents at Choice Properties Real Estate today!


Tips for First-Time Home Buyers Looking for Indian Lake Homes for Sale

Tips for First-Time Home Buyers Looking for Indian Lake Homes for Sale


Tips for First-Time Home Buyers Looking for Indian Lake Homes for Sale

Indian Lake is a beautiful place to vacation and even more beautiful if you're looking to buy your first home. The area features numerous islands and inlets, expansive wildlife areas, and approximately 30 miles of shoreline with a walking/hiking trail. When you're considering buying your first home in central Ohio, you should definitely check out Indian Lake homes for sale.

Buying a home in Indian Lake shouldn't be a headache, especially when you have friendly agents here at Choice Properties that know the area and go out of their way to help you find the perfect home for your family. There are many factors to take into consideration in the home buying process, including mortgage rates, property taxes, assessment fees, plus home inspections, closing, and of course actually moving. To make things just a little bit easier for you as you look for Indian Lake homes for sale, we have come up with a few tips you can use to ease the process. 

Get Your Finances Organized

This includes taking a close look at your credit score and getting finance approval from a lender ahead of time. Find out how much financing your bank will approve and then shop wisely for a home that fits within your budget. Moreover, shop around with different lenders, get options and quotes before you decide to partner with a bank or lender. Remember, you'll be paying that mortgage for many years to come, and you want a lender you are comfortable with.

Save, Save, Save

Buying a home requires a down payment, and it is no different with Indian Lake homes for sale. Plus there can always be hidden fees and expenses. This is why it is important not to spend your entire budget just on the house, because there are many other expenses that will come up as you're moving in. You might need to replace or repair something. Maybe you decide to get some new furniture. Whatever the case may be, it is always wise to have some cushioning room in your budget.

Take Advantage Of The Open House

Open houses are fun! And you should absolutely take advantage of them when you are house hunting. After you've had the cookies and lemonade, use the opportunity to scope out the neighborhood on a deeper level. An open house will also afford you opportunities to pay attention to the home's overall condition. Are there any stains or smells? How old are the plumbing and heating systems? Ask all the questions you want to and don't hesitate to schedule more visits.

What's Behind The Walls?

We've all seen an episode of 'Property Brothers' where they tear down a wall, only to find structural damage to the home. There will be many things that you can't spot just by looking at the home, which is where the home inspection comes in. Keep in mind however, that not all home inspections test for everything, so make sure you know what's included. A home inspection only takes place after your offer is accepted, and if you're not happy with its results, you will have to decide whether to rescind the offer, or stay with it and pay for renovations. Having room in the budget will be an important part of the equation.

Finally, keep it all in perspective. When you look at Indian Lake homes for sale, remember that buying a home is like choosing a life partner. You have to be able to live with what you see, and there is only so much you can change. Let us help you find something that's perfect for you and your family.



For the most helpful and qualified Logan County real estate agents,
contact your friends at Choice Properties Real Estate today to view the best properties in the area!


10 Steps to Selling Your Indian Lake Home

 selling your indian lake home

Selling a home in Indian Lakes does not have to be a hassle. Most places are experiencing a buyer's market with slower prices. Sellers must be prepared for an average of four months to sell a home. Learn ten tips for selling an Indian Lake home on the current market.


10 Steps to Selling Your Indian Lake Home


Recognize every market's differences

Every town, city and area will have a different trend. Regional markets are more important to look at than national markets. Try the following tips to review the Indian Lake market:

  • Speak with a handful of professionals

  • Do research

  • Listen to gut instinct


Home inspection

Get a home inspected before calling a real estate agent. Early warning signs such as big repairs to be made can make the difference on deciding to buy a property. If a problem is discovered, it can be fixed prior to selling to help resale value.


Shape Up

Potential buyers will be interested in a home that looks and feels good. Six weeks prior to putting a home on the market is a great time to do the following:

  • Fresh coat of paint

  • Pressure-washing of the front walk and porch, polishing and general clean up

  • Put in new mulch, landscaping elements and flowers to freshen up the look of the front


Marketing plan

Think about whether to find a real estate agent or do the selling without one. Selling without an agent can save the real estate commission but potential buyers may feel without an agent there are some disadvantages to buying the home.


Check into relocation company

Some companies may provide a list of real estate pros who will work with a person at a discount. If selling in a tight market, every little bit helps.


Interview real estate agents

Interview a few agents to ask opinions before putting the home on the market. Experience speaks volumes so look for agents with loads of experience selling in the area.


Set a price

People who overprice homes are wasting buyer's time as similar homes can be looked up on real estate apps online. Track actual sales prices and set it accordingly.


Understand the price

Many sellers won't make as much as neighbors who sell a home. It may be wise to wait a bit to sell until the price goes up as it is not advisable to undervalue a home.


Get rid of junk

Buyers will be fussy. Throw things out, store or donate that are not needed. Clear out clutter as buyers look for space and light.


Stay on top of the market

Be aware of market changes. Keep looking at comps and see trends before others do. The real estate market should be approached with cautious optimism.


Choice Properties real estate agents are able to assist sellers with putting a home on the market. Contact one of our experienced agents to find out how we can assist you in selling your property in Indian Lake.

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